SE2S GmbH - The Swiss Expertise in Space Radiation Solutions

Established in 2020, SE2S GmbH is a spin-off of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), with expertise in radiation effect analysis, particle detection, and data analysis. Founded by seasoned professionals with over two decades of experience in space projects and accelerators, SE2S serves diverse clients in aerospace, defense, particle therapy, and other high-tech sectors.

One of SE2S's core focuses is providing radiation analysis and testing services, ensuring the reliability and resilience of components and systems in radiation-rich environments, particularly in space. These services include radiation environment analysis, radiation effect analysis, testing, qualification, and instrument calibration for various radiation detectors, underpinned by SE2S's extensive expertise in radiation hardness assurance.

Additionally, SE2S specializes in designing and developing advanced radiation detection systems for challenging radiation environments, contributing to missions like ESA's JUICE and the Space weather forecasting mission Vigil and the global navigation satellite system Galileo.

SE2S's software development services cater to radiation and space applications, creating tailored solutions to meet specific demands in these specialized fields.

Furthermore, SE2S offers a range of radiation detectors, including compact detectors and instruments for dosimetry and quality assurance in particle therapies, ensuring precision and safety in medical radiation applications.