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Beam Profile Monitor PICCHA

PICCHA is versatile tool for monitoring profiles of energetic particle beams. Its finely pixilated electrodes provide high spatial precision, surpassing the performance of other chambers used in particle delivery systems. PICCHA has 192 pixels, each of which can be read out independently. It is also capable of measuring a wide range of energies and fluxes. PICCHA is easy to install and use, and it comes with user-friendly software. It is used in accelerators for beam tuning to ensure precise profile monitoring and verification.

beam monitor front
  • 192 pixels pixels with parallel readout
  • Compact and portable beam profile monitor
  • Ethernet interface
  • High sensitivity and large dynamic range
  • Full two-dimensional profiles
  • Real-time measurements
  • User-friendly setup and readout software
  • Pixel resolution can be customized (typical 5 mm and 1 cm)
  • Used in a wide range of accelerator facilities and beam-lines
  • Energetic charge particle beam profile monitoring
  • General high-energy ion beam diagnostics
  • Particle therapy pre-scanned beam monitoring
  • Compatible with electron, proton and heavy ion beams
  • Energy range: 10 MeV/nucleon to 500 MeV/nucleon
  • Pixel resolution from 2 mm to 1 cm (can be customized according to customers' requirements)
  • Flux range: from 1e5 particles /(cm^2 s) to 1e10 particles /(cm^2s)

Energetic Particle Telescopes

We offer particle telescopes for satellites, including electron , proton, and heavy-ion telescopes.

Telescope detector heads
Universal readout electronics
  • Electron telescope: Energy range from 100 keV to 8 MeV, 8 logarithmic energy bins, maximum counting rate of 1e8/(cm^2 s).
  • Proton telescope: Energy range from 2 MeV to 200 MeV, maximum counting rate of 1e8/(cm^2 s).
  • Heavy-ion telescope: Energy range from 10 MeV/nucleon to 300 MeV/nucleon.
  • Radiation monitoring for satellites to ensure satellite safety.
  • Space radiation monitoring.
  • Space exploration.

Our team has rich experience in designing and developing particle detectors. We have previously developed ESA's Standard Radiation Environment Monitor (SREM), the Radiation Environment Monitor (RADEM) for the JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) mission, and the Highly Energetic Particle Spectrometer (HEPS) for ESA's space weather warning satellites Vigil. We are able to design and deliver the required products according to your specifications within a short time-frame.