G4CAD — Simplifying Geant4 Mass Model Creation with FreeCAD Integration

When developing Geant4-based Monte Carlo simulation packages, physicists often invest a significant amount of time in constructing mass models. While simpler geometries can be adequately represented using CGS models, more intricate structures pose challenges. This is where G4CAD comes to the rescue. It's a free and open-source FreeCAD workbench, meticulously crafted by the SE2S founders, to streamline the process of mass model creation.

G4CAD functionalities include:
  • Import and seamlessly modify CAD files.
  • Efficiently manage materials, allowing for custom material definitions and utilization of predefined materials for different solids.
  • Incorporate basic CGS models to enhance simplicity.
  • Fine-tune tessellation tolerance settings for individual solids.
  • Convert models into GDML files, a standard format in particle physics simulations.

Additionally, G4CAD provides a range of supplementary tools indispensable for crafting mass models and converting CAD files into GDML. These utilities include measurement tools and features for identifying or eliminating minuscule components.

G4CAD Screenshot

If you're ready to explore the capabilities of G4CAD, the source code is readily available on GitHub. Feel free to delve into the repository: https://github.com/drhlxiao/g4cad